LIVEpigeon supports going LIVE to many different platforms, including Vimeo LIVE! This article will help explain everything that you need to know about getting Vimeo set up, and how to connect LIVEpigeon to Vimeo.

Important: Vimeo LIVE is only enabled for Vimeo Enterprise accounts. For more information, please visit

How to go LIVE to Vimeo with LIVEpigeon

Step 1: Create a LIVE event on Vimeo

Log in to your Vimeo account and navigate to the live events section of your account.

When prompted, click "Create live event."

You will be asked if you want to create a one-time event, or recurring.

We recommend clicking on "one time" and clicking next.

If you want to set up recurring live videos then you will need to manually schedule multiple videos from LIVEpigeon for each time you want to go LIVE. You can re-use the same streamkey that Vimeo gives you for each schedule, but you will need to schedule them one by one in advance.

Step 2: Get your Vimeo "Streamkey"

Once your event has been created you will need to select the "Connect (RTMP)" option. This can be found in the top right corner of the window (See below screenshot)

Now you should see the option to copy a "RTMP URL" and "stream key" from Vimeo.

Important: Make sure you have the setting "Preview stream before going live" disabled. If you do not disable this setting, your LIVE video will not stream automatically, and will make scheduling your LIVE videos incredibly difficult.

Now that you have that setting disabled, it's time to copy the RTMP URL and Stream Key. We will need both of these later.

Step 3: Sending the pre-recorded video from LIVEpigeon

Finally it's time to connect Vimeo to LIVEpigeon.

Inside of LIVEpigeon navigate to the Destinations tab and select the "Add new Destination" button.

Select "Streamkey" from the menu.

Paste the details from Vimeo into here.

From step 2, you should have a RTMPS URL (a.k.a. Stream URL) and Streamkey from Vimeo. Copy and paste those into LIVEpigeon now.

For the "Name" field, you can put whatever you would like. This is only for you to see in LIVEpigeon, so you know what the Stream Key Destination is.

If you are wanting to Schedule your video, select the "Schedule" button and make sure your Scheduled time in LIVEpigeon matches what you input into Vimeo.

Once you finish going through the Go LIVE flow, you should be redirected to your Completed (or Scheduled) page.

And just like that, Vimeo LIVE received the stream and automatically went LIVE to our event! It's that simple!

FAQ: How do I upload a custom thumbnail to Vimeo LIVE?

To upload a custom video thumbnail to your LIVE video, you would do this inside of Vimeo LIVE event. In the top right corner select "Event setup" and navigate to upload a new thumbnail.


FAQ: What quality of video is sent to Vimeo?

We send up to 1920x1080p video  up to 59.97 frames per second, and we manage all of the bitrate settings automatically for you.

Note: If you're not getting 1080p video quality, it may be because the video that you uploaded to LIVEpigeon was not originally 1080p quality.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us. We're happy to help you at any time!