What is the Academy?

The LIVEpigeon Academy is a library of useful information and resources for everyone, from beginners to experts. It's included 100% for free with your LIVEpigeon subscription! It was built to help you learn, grow, and gain a better understanding of LIVE video content.

Brandan Fisher, the founder of LIVEpigeon, is the main creator of the LIVEpigeon Academy's content. He's created multiple trainings, interviews and courses to help you succeed. 

Some of the content includes:

  • Social media strategies
  • Interviews with big influencers and live streaming experts
  • Production setup and creating video
  • How to get better audio from your filming
  • "How to" editing sessions
  • And so much more

How do I access the Academy?

The LIVEpigeon Academy is located at the top right of the LIVEpigeon app, under the “Destinations” button.

You can also click here to be taken to the Academy.

Everything is free in the academy?

Yup! Everything is 100% included with any LIVEpigeon membership, and is there to help benefit you as you grow.