The Dashboard

The Dashboard is where you will start each time you log into your LIVEpigeon account. This screen displays:

  • Quick connections to platforms that we are integrated with (Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube).
  • Start setting up a Go LIVE Now stream or schedule a stream for the future.
  • The ability to set up a streamkey LIVE (for the platforms we are not integrated with). 

Quick Connections:

What does connecting to the social media platforms do? Connecting allows LIVEpigeon to “talk” to those platforms, and specifically your account with those platforms. You can connect to one, two or all three at the same time! You will have to connect to the platforms each time you are wanting to set up a stream.

Where are all my Facebook destinations? LIVEpigeon will list these as possible destinations in a later step. Facebook is unique because you can stream to multiple destinations within the platform (your profile, pages and/or groups). Once you are connected to Facebook, LIVEpigeon will be able to recognize all of the different pages/groups that you are an admin of and have them listed in a specific step.

How do I know if I am connected to a platform? Once you have connected to a platform, the Dashboard screen will change and all of the “connect to” buttons will move to the top of the screen (see image below). If the buttons are gray, you are not connected to that platform. For the example below, this user is only connected to Facebook but can still connect to both Instagram and YouTube from the top buttons. 

What do I do once I connect to my platform/s? Once you have connected to your platform/s, you can then start the streaming set up by clicking on "Go LIVE Now" or "Schedule". 

    Pro Tip: We actually recommend uploading the video file directly to the Incubator first. You can then connect to your platform/s of your choice and then select "Go LIVE Now" or "Schedule" from the Dashboard.

Do I have to connect to these platforms? You need to be connected to the platform/s if you are setting up a Go LIVE Now stream or scheduling a stream to that destination. You also need to be connected if you are going to edit or delete a scheduled pigeon. Once you have set up or scheduled your stream, you no longer need to be connected to the platform/s or LIVEpigeon for that matter! 

     Pro Tip: You do not need to be signed in if you are simply uploading videos to the Incubator or checking on scheduled or completed pigeons.

Why are Instagram, Facebook, YouTube the only platforms with easy connections? This is because these platforms allow businesses to integrate with them. Other platforms restrict this ability or have not built it out yet. For the platforms that do not have integration, you will have to use the streamkey option just below these buttons.

Manual Connections:

What is the streamkey option? The streamkey option on the Dashboard is labeled “Go LIVE to Other Platforms''. 

It is the option for all other destinations, where a streamkey (or RTMP) and URL are required for LIVEpigeon to connect with that destination. You will have to copy the streamkey and URL from the platform, and paste them into LIVEpigeon. 

How do I get the streamkey and URL? All of the platforms will vary so the streamkey and URL locations will be in different locations, depending on the platform. We recommend reaching out to the platform to find where these are located within your account.


Use our chatbot for personal assistance. We are available from 9am - 9pm MST and try to be available as much as possible outside of those hours. You can also contact us at:

Phone: 208-400-6999