Instagram is a very different experience to stream to, compared to Facebook and YouTube. Right now, if you LIVE stream to Instagram, the video disappears right after the LIVE stream ends. Most of our users have been wanting the ability to save the LIVE streams afterwards to their Instagram profile once it's finished. Well, we are excited to share that we have found a way to do that now with your LIVE streams within the past 30 days! Now, let’s go through the steps together!

Note: Your LIVE streams do have to be at least 1 minute long in order to post them.

Go to your profile page on Instagram. Click on the hamburger icon (the icon with three lines stacked on top of each other) and it will pull up some options. Click on the option that says “Settings”.

(This step is only for setting up your LIVE Archive for the first time. Proceed to step 3 if you have already completed this step.) On the next screen, click on the "Privacy" tab and then the "Live" tab.
Make sure you have “Save Live to Archive” turned on here. You will only have to do this step your first time.

Click the down arrow next to “Stories Archive” to bring up a few more options of archives. Select the option that says “LIVE Archive”.

You should now be on a page that will contain all of your LIVE streams from the past 30 days. Select the video that you would like to post.

Once you are previewing the video, you should see three icons at the bottom. "Share" allows you to repost the LIVE as an Instagram video, "Download" lets you save directly onto your phone and "Delete" removes it from your Archive permanently.

By selecting "Share" you can begin the process of posting your video! All you have to do now is fill out the rest of the usual posting information to your liking. After you have at least a title, you can post your video! Now, people who missed the LIVE stream or want to watch it again can view that video in your posts on your profile!