Tip: We recommend spacing comments out by at least 10 seconds in order to not clutter your comment field. Also, be sure to give your viewers time at the beginning of the stream to comment and time at the end to say goodbye. Try to keep from posting within the first and last 10 seconds of a broadcast.

Sometimes you can't LIVE stream at a time that you want to because other things in life are taking priority. We totally get it! That's why LIVEpigeon was created, so you could be in two places at once. Sadly, there wasn't a way to engage with your audience like usual when using your pre-recorded content. You can't be there to comment because you are occupied with something else, right? WRONG!!! We have now implemented a way to schedule comments to go LIVE with your videos to Facebook pages, YouTube, and Instagram. You don't have to be there to engage with your audience anymore! Now you can be off doing whatever you need to be doing while also putting links in the comments, mentioning things you might've missed when recording, and much, MUCH more!

1. To schedule your comments, you need to have a video uploaded. Go to your Incubator once logged in and either upload and video or select one that is currently uploaded to view it. You can view it by either click on the thumbnail or by clicking the 3 white dots on your video and selecting "view video" from the selection that pops up. (Help: If your video just finished uploading, refresh the page and THEN click on your video to bring up the full view of the video and access to scheduled comments.)

2. Watch your video play. As it plays, you will notice that the timestamp is constantly updating, not only on the video itself, but in the comment line. This is how you will select what time you want your comment to go out.

3. Start selecting times to comment. Once you type in your comment at a specific time, click "comment" to add the comment to your scheduled comments. Be sure to switch the "scheduled comments" toggle on and off as you see fit for your respective LIVE streams.

4. Double check your comments once you are finished. You can choose to edit or delete any comments through using the pencil icon or trash icon, respectively. Be sure to switch the "scheduled comments" toggle on and off as you see fit for your respective LIVE streams.

5. Go back to the incubator, select your video, and either "Go LIVE Now" or "Schedule" your stream.

Now you have your comments ready to go and you will see them popping up in your LIVE stream around the respective times chosen! You can have scheduled comments enabled with your instant LIVE streams or your scheduled ones. Have fun playing around with this exciting feature in order to automate your engagement!