You may be encountering this issue in LIVEpigeon as a result of not having certain Groups or Pages enabled for LIVEpigeon. This commonly occurs when adding a new group or page AFTER connecting to LIVEpigeon. Here is a quick guide for making sure they are added to the app!

• Go to the "Business Integrations" tab in your Facebook Settings (Click here to be taken directly to it)

• Select "View and edit" on the LIVEpigeon section

• Scroll down to the Groups/Pages Section

• Enable any that you plan on going LIVE to

• Save Changes

If you don't see a list underneath "Pages" or "Groups" it's because you have already allowed LIVEpigeon access to all Groups and Pages when you connected to your Facebook account. This list only appears if you customized which Groups or Pages do and don't have access beforehand.

• Now back in LIVEpigeon, click the "Refresh Pages & Groups" button

Now your Group or Page should be showing up in the search bar in LIVEpigeon. If you have a lot of connected destinations, you can use keywords "Group", "Page" or "Profile" to narrow down your selection.