If you've gone LIVE to Instagram using LIVEpigeon, but you can't see it from your profile, I have the solution for you! The reason you aren't able to view your own LIVE stream on Instagram is because the app was never programmed to show it from the same profile.

When you go LIVE on Instagram normally, your app is taken over by the LIVE player and you can't access any other part of the app during the stream.

When you use LIVEpigeon to go LIVE, you bypass this system and the Instagram app doesn't know what it's supposed to do, so it does nothing. Therefore resulting in it displaying as if no LIVE stream is taking place at all.

In order to view your LIVE stream through the mobile app, you need to login to a separate account and view it from the perspective of any other viewer. Unfortunately this is the only work around available at the moment since this is a core issue with the way Instagram functions.

To switch to a different profile click and hold on your profile picture in the bottom right of the screen. Select or add the account you want to login to.

We have implemented the LIVE stream preview functionality into LIVEpigeon itself as well as the ability to send chat messages. Click here to learn more.

If you are getting a "challenge required" error when trying to connect to your Instagram profile check out this article here.

We are continually trying to implement ways to make the user experience for Instagram LIVE smooth and simple. We appreciate your patience and encourage you to reach out to our Support Team to relay any issues you come across.

Contact us directly • support@livepigeon.com • (208) 400-6999