If you are ever in a situation where you need to update or change your Billing settings you can access it from anywhere in the app. This includes being able to Change or Cancel your plan, update your payment methods, or activate a Day pass on your account.

In the top right corner of the Dashboard, click on the little profile icon and select "Manage Billing"

Here you will see the overview of your Billing settings in LIVEpigeon

Change Your Plan:

Here you will be able to view our other plan options and choose to upgrade or downgrade your plan.

Choosing to up your plan will immediately upgrade and charge your account. Your new monthly due date will become the date you chose to upgrade.

Day Pass:

Update Payment Method:

Here you will be able to add a new payment method and remove an old one if necessary

Cancel your Account:

When you cancel your LIVEpigeon account, your account will stay active until the date listed. This is typically the same as what your subscription renewal date would be.

If you have any questions, reach out to us directly!

support@livepigeon.com • (208) 400-6999