If you are streaming a pre-recorded video LIVE to Instagram you may notice that you don't appear to be LIVE if you log in to the mobile app from the same account. This also means that you can't view or send chat messages with your viewers, so how are you supposed to engage with your audience?

Luckily, LIVEpigeon has a built-in feature to combat this issue caused by Instagram's mobile app.

Once you go LIVE to Instagram (or any Destination) you can go to the "LIVE Now" tab on your left sidebar

From here you will be able to preview your live stream, see chat messages coming in, send messages out and many other helpful details about your stream.

You can switch which Destination you are previewing on the left side of the preview window. This will also switch which chat you are monitoring and sending into.

You can also view your LIVE from a separate Instagram account to preview it on the actual Instagram mobile app, click here for more details.