If you are running into a problem with going LIVE using a Stream Key and it doesn't seem to be working, or you have the wrong Stream Key, it's likely because your original key has expired.

When going LIVE using the Manual Stream Key option in LIVEpigeon you may notice that if you want to go LIVE to that same saved Destination again, you will need to input a fresh Stream Key each time and create a new LIVE stream post.

That's because unlike the Stream URL, the Key changes each time you make a new LIVE stream post. Your stream URL stays the same across whichever platform you use, everybody will have the same Stream URL on Facebook for example, but the Stream Key will be different each time unless you use the "Persistent Stream Key" option. Doing so will create a new Stream Key, but it will function the same way as the Stream URL in that it will not expire.

This is the recommended way to use the Manual Stream Key option inside of LIVEpigeon if you plan to go LIVE to this destination more than once.

Here is how you enable it on Facebook, availability for this option depends on the Destination you are wanting to go LIVE to.

Make sure you don't copy the Stream Key until AFTER you enable the "Persistent stream key" option.