If you've recorded content on the latest iPhones, you may have noticed that the video can look way too bright when you upload it to other websites (including LIVEpigeon). This is most likely because the video was recorded in the iPhone's HDR Format (enabled by default). This can be annoying because what you are viewing on your phone isn't necessarily the quality that will be uploaded. This is because most sites aren't able to convert Apple's unique file format, so they display the video incorrectly.

Here's the steps for how to fix any of your content that is already in HDR and then how to disable it for any future videos.

How to change HDR Video back to normal (SDR)

The main tool you will need for this is iMovie, which comes free with your Apple Device.

Open up the iMovie app and click "Movie" under the "Start New Project" section

Select the video you want to convert from your Camera Roll

Once it opens, click on the "Done" button in the top left

Now click on the save icon on the bottom of the screen and then select "Options" in the pop-up

By clicking on the text "My Movie" it will allow you to change the file name if you want to keep these organized.

From here you can adjust your resolution if you want to, but for now we will be de-selecting the "HDR" option

Now scroll down and select "Save Video". It will now show up in your Camera Roll as a normal video and you have successfully changed it to SDR!

How to Disable HDR in your Settings

First go to your "Settings" App on your iPhone and scroll down to where it says "Camera"

Then click on the "Record Video" setting

Now you can turn off the "HDR Video" option

That should help keep your video files recorded on your phone in a more compatible format with other platforms. If you have any other questions don't hesitate to reach out to our support team!

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