What the LIVEpigeon incubator is:

The Incubator is your temporary video storage library. It allows you to upload multiple files at once, view & rename them, and send them LIVE multiple times with LIVEpigeon.

The Incubator will hold onto your uploaded videos for a maximum 7 days by default, unless you have scheduled them or used the "Save" feature. If not saved, your videos will be automatically removed from the Incubator after their expiration date.

How to use the Incubator:

Uploading your videos

Navigate to the incubator inside of LIVEpigeon, and select "upload a video" to get started. You can upload multiple files at once, or just a single file. For the fastest experience, we recommend uploading from Dropbox or Google Drive.

Once your video is uploaded you will see a snapshot of the video, along with the title and expiration date for the video.

You can also drag and drop files into the incubator, for a quicker experience.

Saving your Videos

Once your video is uploaded you will notice that there is an expiration date underneath it. By saving your video you can override this expiration date and keep the video inside your Incubator indefinitely.

The reason videos expire by default is due to the server cost incurred for hosting videos. By allowing users to save only the videos they need, we will avoid overloading the servers by saving any and all videos uploaded into the Incubator.

To save your video, click on the "..." in the bottom corner of your Incubator video.

Select the "Save" option from the pop-up menu

Once saved, your video will be moved to the "Saved Videos" section in the Incubator

You can "Unsave" your videos at any time and they will then be put on a 24 hour expiration limit

The number of videos you are able to save changes based on which plan you are on. Here is the breakdown for each plan.

LIVE streaming your videos

After your video is uploaded to the incubator, you can rename your video, view/download your video, or send it LIVE!

To LIVEstream your videos from the incubator, click on the "..." in the bottom corner of your incubator video.

If you're connected to Facebook, YouTube or Instagram then you can schedule the video or go live with it instantly.

By clicking "Go LIVE Now" or "Schedule Video," you will be prompted to enter a title/description, and select where you want to stream your video LIVE to!

If you don't see "Go LIVE Now" or "Schedule Video," make sure that you are connected to at least one destination at the top of your screen. You must be connected to Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram to see this menu.

How to select a video from the incubator:
When going LIVE or scheduling a video, you may be asked to "select the video to go LIVE" (See image below)

When presented with this option, just select "Incubator" on the right, and you'll be able to select any of the videos that you have previously uploaded to the incubator.

What is the "stream key" option? 

The stream key is an advanced feature that allows you to stream to a social media platform / destination other than Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram. (For example, read how to go LIVE to Vimeo.)

Are there limits to the how many videos I can save?

Yes, and they are based on your current plan. The details are listed below.

Basic Plan
Standard Plan
Enterprise Plan
Monthly: 0 videosMonthly: 3 videosMonthly: 15 videos
Yearly: 3 videosYearly: 6 videosYearly: 30 videos

Why would I want to view my video?

Being able to view your video is nice because however it looks on LIVEpigeon will be how will it look like in the LIVE stream. This way, you can make sure that the video looks good and the audio sounds good too!

Why would the rename feature be useful?

If you have a lot of videos that look very similar and you want to make sure you pick the right file when LIVE streaming, being able to rename your videos can help you keep track of what each video is about. This is especially helpful if you go LIVE with the same videos multiple times.

Why would I delete any of my videos?

It can be nice to delete your videos when you want to avoid clutter, or even in case you upload the same video twice and want to delete the duplicate. There are many reasons that being able to manually delete videos yourself is a nice feature.

Are there limits for the number of videos that can be uploaded? 

To help limit abuse, you can upload up to 20 videos in a day with a max of 50 per week. 

Are there limits to the file sizes? 

Yes, this will be based on the plan you are currently on. The plans and file sizes are listed below.

Basic PlanStandard PlanEnterprise Plan
File size limit: 5 GBFile size limit: 12 GBFile size limit: 20 GB


For large video files: If your video files are really large, we have recommendations and guides to help you reduce your file sizes. Click here to learn more.

How do I download the video file from LIVEpigeon to my device? 

Once you have uploaded your video file to our incubator, it doesn't matter which device you login from, you will see that video in your incubator. If you used a different device to upload the video to LIVEpigeon, you can go into your LIVEpigeon account on another device and have it downloaded. 

After the video is originally uploaded to LIVEpigeon, there will be a snapshot of the video. 

  1. Click on the 3 white dots at the bottom right of the video snapshot. 

  2. Click on “View Video” and the video will then appear in its own window. 

  3. At the bottom right of the window there are 3 vertical dots, click the dots and then select “download”.

Pro Tips:

There is a pop up menu for each video, available by clicking on the 3 white dots at the bottom right. You can:

  • Preview the video

  • Download the file to your device (see below).

  • Rename the video file.

  • Delete the video from your incubator (this will not affect scheduled live videos).

  • Set up a LIVE stream key.

  • And... if you are connected to your platform/s, you can set up a Go LIVE Now stream or schedule directly from the Incubator!

Concluding Thoughts:

The LIVEpigeon Incubator is designed to be a fast, smooth way to manage and re-use your video files uploaded to LIVEpigeon. By uploading to the incubator first, we hope you will find that managing LIVE videos is much easier for you in the future.