Overview and Navigation of Your LIVEpigeon Account

Top Right Menu Options

The Character Icon

Email: This is where you can confirm which email you have logged in with. The email shown is also the username for this account, should you need technical support. 

Account Settings: This is where you can update your user information, billing information, access your past invoices, and change/cancel your plan. For more information about your account settings, please click here.

Smart Embed: This is where you can view and set up embed codes for specific and recurring destinations, like a website. By setting up an embed code for a specific destination, you will have the ability to stream to the same destination using different videos.

The Notification Icon

In this drop-down menu, you will find updates, new feature info, scheduling confirmations, and more. Be sure to check this when you see new notifications! 

The Destination Icon

"How To" Videos:

This drop-down menu has quick links for some of our ‘How to’ videos. If you need help with the initial set up or learning about how to stream with LIVEpigeon, these will be a great resource for you! Each video will show you step-by-step how to stream to specific destinations.

LIVEpigeon Academy:

The destinations icon also has the link to the LIVEpigeon Academy, which is our library of helpful videos. This includes editing tips, social media strategies, and our favorite interview series, Becoming the Greatest Showman!

Main Account Screen

Quick Connections: 

The main account screen will give you quick ways to connect to your social media platforms. These social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube), allow us to integrate with them so you can easily connect to your account. 

Stream Key Connections: 

For streaming to other social media platforms (besides Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube), this is the option you will select after you have uploaded your video to the Incubator. 

Because other social media platforms do not allow or have the ability to integrate, the stream key option requires you to get the URL and stream key (or RTMP) and copy them over to LIVEpigeon so the two platforms can "talk".

The Menu Panel

On the left-hand side of your account, you will see the menu panel which includes the Dashboard, Incubator, Go LIVE Now, Scheduled, and Completed menu options.

The Dashboard: 

This is where you can connect to platforms that we are integrated with (Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube). Once you connect to one of these platforms, the Dashboard screen changes. You can continue to connect to the other platforms up at the top. You can also start setting up your video stream from here.

                    Go LIVE Now:

                    This option will start streaming your video file immediately after the video uploads.


                    This option allows you to select the day/time that you want your video file to stream. Platforms do have a restriction on how far in advance you can schedule your stream, so our default is 7 days out.

The Incubator: 

This is your 7 day video library. LIVEpigeon will hold onto your video files for 7 days, unless they are scheduled, and then they will be held up until the scheduled day/time. We recommend uploading your video file directly to the Incubator first!

LIVE Now: 

This section only appears when you have a video live to Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram. This feature allows you to view and comment on your live streams, as well as giving you information about certain details retaining to your live stream.


This is where all of your scheduled pigeons (or videos ;) ) will be listed. 


This is where you will find all of your pigeons that have departed. 

Other Helpful Tools

Contact Info:

Our support information is listed at the bottom of every page. If you need help with something, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Chat Room:

We also have the chat feature, at the bottom right of every page. There are no robots here, just real humans from our support team ready to answer your questions!

Check For Updates Button:

The “Check For Updates” button is located at the bottom left of your account. This will clear your cache and cookies. It is also helpful if you are seeing glitches in your account like text errors, layout issues, or other visual abnormalities. 

Refresh Button:

The “refresh” button on your internet browser will allow LIVEpigeon to accept any changes made that may not be reflected in your account.