If you've ever wondered how to go LIVE to other platforms outside of our integrations or simply want to bypass them entirely, you can do so with the Manual Stream Key function! Here is a walkthrough of how to go LIVE to Facebook using this method, but you can go LIVE to any platform as long as you have the Stream Key and Streaming URL.

For this example we will be going LIVE to a Facebook Group, but this works anywhere you can create a LIVE post on Facebook.

First thing you need to do is create a LIVE post. Select "Create Post" on the Group home page. Then click on the 3 dots to the right of where it says "Add to your post" and then select "Live video" from the popup menu

Next you want to select the "Go Live" option. This is equivalent to the "Go LIVE Now" option in LIVEpigeon.

The "Create live video event" option is how you schedule a future post. You would use this when doing the "Schedule" option in LIVEpigeon click here for more information.

Once in your LIVE video creator, you'll be on the "Stream Setup" tab. Select "Streaming Software" as your video source. Underneath that option click on the down arrow next to where it says "Advanced Settings".

This is also where you will change all the settings for your post such as Title, Description, Visibility etc.

Now open a new Tab in your browser and log in to LIVEpigeon. Go to the Destinations Tab and add a new Destination. Select "RTMP Streamkey"option.

Now go back into your Facebook LIVE video creator can copy the "Stream Key" and "URL" into the corresponding fields in LIVEpigeon. Name your Destination and click "Add Destination" to save.

Now go to your Dashboard and select "Go LIVE Now" and go through the flow

Note that the Title and Description entered into LIVEpigeon do not show up on your Facebook post. This is for internal labeling purposes only

Select your method of uploading but don't choose a video until you are ready to go LIVE because as soon as it's ready, it will start sending to your Facebook stream.

As soon as your video is uploading to LIVEpigeon quickly go back to your Facebook LIVE video creator and wait for the video feed to appear in your preview window. As soon as it does, click the blue "Go Live" button in the bottom left.

Now your video is LIVE!

You can use this method to go LIVE to any platform that you are able to access the "Stream Key" or "Stream URL". You are also able to do Scheduled videos using this method but it's a slightly different process.

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